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Baby Strollers : Bob Stroller and City Select Comparison


Modern parents surely will need so many modern tools which can help them raise their baby better. Even if they have baby, it does not mean that they have to leave activities which are done before they have the baby. For example, they do not want to leave jogging routine after they have baby. Many parents even want to make sure that they get their body back after laboring by having intensive jogging activity.

At the same time, they cannot leave their baby so they need to find the best jogging stroller so they can jog while nursing the baby. Nevertheless, choosing baby strollers will not be easy thing to do. There are many options which can be found out there and some people will get confused with some options. Maybe some parents will be confused for choosing between stroller from BOB and City Select stroller.

BOB Baby Stroller

This brand is pretty popular but people surely have to consider about the pros and cons of this baby jogger before they can make purchasing decision. Bob stroller actually will be great option for parents who want to jog whole nursing the baby because it is really made for running with easy maneuver and smooth ride. Of course it is safe for the baby. It comes with adjustable seat, large canopy which is useful for protecting the baby, and large basket underneath for carrying baby needs.


People can buy accessories for better function and comfort. It can be folded easily so it will be great for traveling. It can be made into sole stroller and it can last for pretty long time. However, for getting this stroller, high price tag should be paid. People will also get mixed information associated with baby safety when using the stroller. The stroller is bulky and people will not be able to run with the car seat adapter.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

City Select stroller can be another consideration which people will do when they want to get the best option of jogging stroller. There are some advantages which are offered by this product including the multifunctional design so it can be used in different ways. People will also find the bassinet kit which can be great option especially for parents with newborns.

It also comes with car seat adapter which must be perfect for parents who want to travel with their children a lot. Parents can also get the second seat kit which is important accessories which will be considered properly when they choose City Select for their jogging stroller.


This jogging stroller can be called as the best jogging stroller because it comes with the swivel front wheel which is lockable, five points harness with pads, multi-position seat recline, the brake which can be operated by hand, ample storage, setup easiness, storage easiness, and various color options.

Parents of course will love all of the features offered by this jogging stroller from City Select but there can be one thing which will be hard for them. It has steep price for single stroller so many parents will be hard to afford it.

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