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Best Ways to Relieve Knee Pain


Pain behind KneeKnee pain is commonly caused by factors like poor stretching, overused knee joint and strenuous physical activity. Also, being overweight can cause the said condition. While these common causes may seem harmful to the overall health of your knees, you can alleviate knee pain with appropriate self care. In the succeeding paragraphs, you will be able to discover the different ways on how to achieve fast knee pain relief.

Quick Ways to Relieve Knee Pain

As aforementioned, being overweight can trigger knee pain. Thus, if you are overweight, you should do everything to lose weight. Did you know that shedding additional pounds can dramatically reduce knee pain by simply easing the load on the knee joints? Plus, losing weight can also lessen your risk of having osteoporosis. Performing exercises can really give you multiple benefits. Doing so will not just prevent pain behind knee, but help you achieve a beautifully carved body as well. Various types of knee pain such as baker’s cyst and arthritis.

Knee Pain

Another way on how to treat back of knee pain is through strengthening the muscles supporting your knees particularly the quadriceps or muscles in front of the thighs. Weak thighs can lead to pain in the knees and increase your risk of having osteoporosis. To strengthen them, you have to sit on a chair and raise your legs slowly with the use of ankle weights. However, you need to consult a physician prior to starting any knee exercises as other leg muscles can affect how the knee aligns.

To alleviate knee pain, you also need to take OTC pain relievers like ibuprofen or aspirin. For appropriate dosage instructions, follow the directions at the back of the bottle. While these medications are effective, they can have side effects if taken in the long run. Another effective way to alleviate knee pain is to apply ice pack to the knee. Ice can lessen pain and inflammation in your knees. All you have to do is wrap the ice pack using a clean cloth to give your skin protection. Leave it on the knees for about 15-20 minutes thrice a day. To further lessen the inflammation, make sure that your knee is elevated while the ice is applied.

Wear Knee Braces and Perform Proper Knee Exercises

When you experience knee pain during the day, you have to wear a brace. It will keep the knee steady while walking. Keeping the knee steady is essential to reduce your pain because the main reason why the knee hurts is some sort of strenuous movement or motion.

Massaging the knee is also included in the list of the most effective ways to alleviate knee pain. However, make sure that you do it properly by simply moving the Chondromalacia patella slowly in motion. Sometimes, the cause of knee pain is scar tissue. By simply massaging your knee properly, the scar tissue will be treated.

However, if the knee pain becomes too disturbing to your daily living, consult a physical therapist. He/she is an expert that can teach you the right exercises and techniques for relieving joint pain. To find a qualified physical therapist, consult your trusted doctor for referral.

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