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Best Foods to Fight Aging


Anti Aging FoodWhen thinking of aging, we usually look at the effects from the outside – the lines, sagging drooping and gaining weight make us look more aged externally. But many people do not know that aging processes can be slowed down internally by anti aging foods. The foods you eat presently are will be used as fuel tomorrow. You will not have the desired vibrant energy and good appearance if you eat foods that are drags in your body and lack of nutrition.

Meals with too many fast foods such as hamburgers and fries will not only gain weight but also cause numerous diseases. Being insufficient of unsaturated fats and vitamins can make your hair and skin look dull and dry. Ensuring that you have enough of proper foods that have enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals will improve your looks as well as help you avoid diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, and even cancers. So, exactly what are anti aging foods?

Vegetables and Fruits

The best foods you can eat are probably vegetables and fruits. They contain minerals and vitamins, and when eaten raw, they could retain powerful enzymes that help to effectively accelerate the digestion process, thus leaving you more energy. Vegetables and fruits also contain antioxidants, which eliminate the free radicals. Free radicals have the ability to disrupt bodily functions and play an important role in aging process, so eliminating them means you will be healthier and younger looking.

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids seem to be not something good for your health, but they are. The Omega-3 fatty acids particularly are essential for keeping the cell membranes “fluid” that help with many bodily functions, thereby make your skin look younger. These essential fatty acids are found from cold water fish such as salmon and tuna, flax seed oil and walnuts.


Fiber is the major element to maintaining your digestive process and it also help to keep your cholesterol levels manageable. Although it may not do a lot for your appearance, it is very important for your bodily insides and will help to keep your vibrancy and youth.

It is really important to consume enough fiber to maintain regularly your bowel motions. Naturally, who can have energetic and youthful looking if they are constipated? Fiber can be available in cereals, black beans, prunes, apples and pears. When you buy whole wheat breads, do not be tricked by the words “whole wheat” on their labels, consider about ingredients and ensure the first one is whole grains or whole wheat. Or else you cannot get absolute whole wheat products.

High Fiber Foods

Finally, the last anti aging food is not actually a food at all. It is water, plain and simple water. Drinking plenty of water is essential to keep you hydrated. This not only aids in the bodily internal functions but also makes your hair and skin look younger.

4 Steps of Facial Skin Care Routine

The first step in facial skin care plan is cleansing. It helps us to remove the dust, grease and pollutants from your facial skin, thereby eliminating damages to your skin. Just spot a good cleansing lotion or cream on your face and neck, and use upward strokes to softly massage it into your skin. After that, wipe your face in a gentle patting fashion using a soft face tissue or cotton wool (but do not rub).  Cleansing ought to be done every day at least two times, for example in the morning and evening. Skin cleansers that dissolve in water are the best for including in your facial skin care plan.

After cleansing step, firming (or toning) is the next. This is just the optional part of the facial skin care process. If you do cleansing step effectively, you could skip the toning step. Toning can help clean out all remnants of dirt, grease and also excess cleansers. You can use toning occasionally instead of making it part of your daily routine for facial skin care (when you are exposed to a harshly polluted environment, for example).

Similarly to toning, Exfoliation is an optional step in facial skin care daily routine. But it is needed weekly (once or twice, depending on your skin type and the environmental conditions). We need Exfoliation in facial skin care process because skin has the natural tendency to renew the skin cells every three or four weeks. Exfoliation, as a facial skin care technique, helps in removing the dead skin cells thereby prevent the skin pores and assist your skin in the natural action. However, your skin can be damaged by excessive or harsh exfoliation; so that you need to balance it. It is important to maintain the health of your body. Read again my previous post about knee pain treatment and best food for your body.

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